Innovation of
"beauty" and "health"
We realize ideas,
and develop new ideas that are born one after another
to the market and send them to the world.

In search of a new world.

What's BJC?
We offer cosmetics and other products under the theme of "beauty" and "health."
In a wide range of fields such as supplements and clothing,
We are a wholesale and sales company.
Our products are mainly sold in salons.


  • 2023.12.1Magazine publication NEW
    [Magazine Info] #4 winter issue of "GIANNA Beauty with iconic"
  • 2023.11.28Magazine publication NEW
    [Magazine Info] December issue of " ESTHETIC WIRED"
  • 2023.11.28Magazine publication NEW
    [Magazine Info] January issue of "Biteki"
  • 2023.10.19Magazine publication
    [Magazine Info] November issue of “ESTHETIC WIRED”
  • 2023.08.17Magazine publication
    [Magazine Info] October issue of “BiST”


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