With our own sales network,
we have expanded
our network nationwide
from Hokkaido to Okinawa.


BJC Network

From each BJC base spread all
over the country
beauty salons, esthetic salons,
Approach the drug store.


With strengths in strong collaboration with beauty and health-related industries,
BJC has its own wholesale and sales network.

We are engaged in wholesale and sales of various products centered on beauty and health-related products. We wholesale and sell selected products procured from Japan and overseas to affiliated agencies and salons nationwide.

We are engaged in business in a wide range of fields, centering on products with the theme of "beauty" and "health", such as products of excellent cosmetics manufacturer CHARIS.Co and our own original brand products.

One of our strengths is our unique network that we have cultivated over many years in the beauty salon, esthetic salon, drugstore, and other industries. In special fields such as beauty salons and salons, we have built a strong foundation by earning the trust of professionals, so it is possible to smoothly develop product sales.

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